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The development and design laboratory EKL was established in 1994 when it emerged from a research and development facility of the low-voltage switchgear industry in Dresden / Germany which had been involved in basic research, equipment development and testing, including electronic solutions, in the field of low-voltage switching technology since 1949.

As an independent engineering contractor with a powerful, creative and flexible team of currently 15 employees, EKL provides support to business in the fields of planning, development, customization or optimization of innovative products, and offers its services as an addition to in-house development capacities in the field of low-voltage switching and protection technology, industrial electronics as well as electromechanics and precision mechanics.

EKL is a center of excellence for the job development, design and testing of low-voltage switchgear, and has its own prototyping shop and product-specific testing laboratory. EKL handles R&D jobs of all levels of development, and carries out the full scope of development efforts or partial performances integrated in larger projects.