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EKL has profound knowledge in the fields of electrical engineering, precision engineering and mechanical engineering, and focuses on solutions in the fields of low-voltage technology and industrial electronics through the following special knowledge:

  • Solenoid actuators AC or DC
  • Switch arcs AC or DC
  • Contact wear, contact welding, contact reliability, contact materials
  • Electrical terminals and connections
  • Contactless switching, hybrid switch
  • Actuators: Thermobimetals, electromagnets, piezoelectric actuators, shape-memory alloys
  • Overcurrent protection, current sensors
  • Overvoltage protection, insulation co-ordination
  • Heating of electrical devices
  • Electronic control moduls, intelligent interfaces
  • Plastic precision parts
  • Mechanisms of precision engineering, dynamic characteristics
  • Testing of switching device, specifications DIN EN/IEC 60947, DIN EN/IEC 61810 and others
  • Application of switching device and relais, special utilization conditions

In addition to its core competences, EKL has implemented the following special developments:

  • Switch mechanism of a medium-voltage switch-disconnector including integrated remote solution
  • Current sensors for currents up to 40 kA
  • Bus-controlled changeover facility for the switching of various power supply systems to railroads
  • Collaboration within the scope of the network of "Fuel cell applications in small mobile units

Advantage through knowledge
Our corporate knowledge base is bundled in a storehouse of knowledge such that it will be directly available for future projects. Comprehensive specialist literature and a collection of samples of switchgear are available to assist us in meeting the respective engineering challenges.

Examples of our developments