E K L Schaltelektronik Dresden GmbH

Climate lab & Environmental Simulation
Fast - Flexible - Favourable


  • Electrical and mechanical tests under defined conditions
  • Walk-in temperature test chamber with reduced circulation air under steady state conditions
  • Functional tests (e.g. temperature compensation), heat rise, derating
  • Climate / climatic storage
    Low temperatures up to -70 °C
    Dry heat up to 250 °C
    Damp heat
    (constant and variable climate)
    10...95 °C
    10...95 % rel. humidity
  • Vibration test (sinusoidal)
    Frequency up to 3000 Hz
    Acceleration               up to 100 m/s²
    Deflection max. ±10 mm
    Test load max. 40 kg
  • Shock / continuous shock (halfsine)
    Acceleration               up to 300 m/s²
    Shock time max. 20 ms
    Test load max. 40 kg