E K L Schaltelektronik Dresden GmbH

Test Laboratory
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symbol electrical lab

Electrical Lab

  • Switching capacity system
  • Systems for testing electrical endurance
  • High-current testing system
  • Facilities for testing continuous current, tripping behaviour, insulation, temperature rise, contact safety
  • Facilities for testing terminals and connections
symbol climate lab

Climate Lab & Environmental Simulation

  • Temperature-stabilised testing room
  • Walk-in temperature test chamber
  • Climatic and heating cabinet
  • Systems for vibration and shock test
symbol mechanics lab

Mechanics Lab & Special Tests

  • Extensive sensor equipment for measuring distances, angles, forces and torques
  • Bespoke superstructural parts for testing of mechanisms, switchgear and locks
  • Facilities for testing mechanical endurance
  • High-speed camera

Test Services

EKL is a recognised testing centre for electrical power engineering components.
  • Engineering advice concerning tests and test results, plus conception and organisation of testing programmes
  • Execution of development/ information/ type approval tests, as well as preliminary tests for approvals
  • Experiments, weak point tests and reliability tests
  • Competitive comparison tests / Benchmark
  • Customised special tests

Your Advantages

modular test equipment
supporting prototyping
permanent monitoring

All testing and measuring equipment undergoes calibration at regular intervals. Tests are carried out and documented in conformity with national and international standards (DIN, VDE, EN, IEC, UL, CSA), the manufacturers own in-house standards and the testing principles of the relevant German Social Accident Insurance Institutions.

You have special requirements?

Even if you think your requirements exceed the parameters outlined here, please feel free to contact us anyway. Thanks to the modular structure of our equipment, we can often find a solution to accommodate your parameters.
Some tests (e.g. those involving certain forms of environmental stress) are carried out in cooperation with tried and tested partners. However, you still receive all the results directly from us.

Additional Services

symbol prototyping

Prototyping & Test Equipment

Our in-house prototype department supports you quickly and easily with the design and construction of samples, the assembly of test items, the construction of test devices or the experimental implementation of your ideas.

symbol development

Development & Design

The expertise of our in-house development department is available to advise and support you in finding a solution.

Trust is good, verification is better

Tests serve to validate the properties of a product and thus to gain information or to secure development work. Use the opportunity to check your development work quickly, flexibly and inexpensively

At an early stage during development, critical properties should be constantly checked as the development progresses. In this way, possible problems can be identified and resolved early on.

EKL is a recognised development and testing centre for electrical power engineering components. As well as concentrating on electromechanics in general, we also specialise in industrial low-voltage devices and systems, and have built up decades of experience in both these areas.

On request, we can carry out tests in front of the client or a representative from a certification body (German Social Accident Insurance Institutions, UL, etc.).

We carry out tests of switching capacity, short circuit, electrical and mechanical endurance, tripping, lift-off behaviour, flexion, pull-out test und temperature. With our endurance test rigs it is also possible to perform statistical test for safety integrity level (SIL). Environmental tests like climate, shock, vibration and derating complete our range of services.

Our engineers also oversee tests at external testing laboratories, e.g. for the purpose of verifying short circuit ratings. If necessary, any tests we carry out in cooperation with others can be conducted with the aid of our specialist equipment.