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Prototype building

Based on the designs produced by the design engineers, prototype parts are produced in the prototyping department for testing, presentation or just to touch or feel them or take them in your hand. In this way, depending on the development progress, practical insights can be gained in short periods of time, and parts or mechanisms can be optimized. In the light of our specialization, our prototyping department has the required competence and equipment.

Our fields of activity include:

  • Construction of proof-of-principle prototypes as well as of functional and testable prototypes
  • Production and assembly of models for presentation and demonstration as well as trade fair samples
  • Production of lines of samples or small batches
  • Construction of auxiliary tools or fixtures
  • Test control units and test assemblies for relevant standards and regulations
  • Test adapters, test specimen and customized test equipment

Dummy fuse links:

  • Production, inspection and reconditioning of dummy fuse links for temperature-rise tests for the following fuse systems:
    • Typ NH
    • Typ D
    • Typ NF

    Further types on request.

Prototyping shop

Dummy fuse links and material test items