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Electrical Laboratory

Our test facilities and measuring equipment have primarily been designed for testing devices with rated currents of up to 1000 A:

  • Switching capacity, short-circuit, electrical endurance
      switching capacity
    short-circuit *)
    test voltage test current
    AC up to 800 V / 50 Hz up to 10000 A up to 1000 A
    DC up to 1100 V up to 2000 A up to 1000 A
    DC up to 1500 V up to 100 A up to 100 A
    load resistive, inductive resistive, inductive,

    phase angle controlled
    test current activation /
    test specimen activation

    selectable number of
    current half-waves

    test sequences
    controlled and
    monitored via PLC

    3 load circuits

    *) depending on operating parameters and in a very short duration of current flow higher peak values are possible
  • High-current testing at extra-low voltage
    • Test current up to 20 kA AC (single and three phase)
    • Magnetic release and contact systems
    • Phase angle controlled test current activation
    • selectable number of current halfwaves
  • Temperature rise / continuous current
    alternating current
    (single and three phase)
    up to 2500 A unregulated
    up to 1000 A regulated
    direct current up to 1500 A unregulated
    • Temperature measurement with thermocouples, pyrometer, thermography
    • Continuous recording of temperatures and voltages (AC / DC) with data loggers
    • Prüfung in der Temperaturkammer bei -40...80 °C Umgebung möglich
    • Overload testing at devices with fuses
    • Long-term heating, cycling test, aging test of connections, terminals and contact points
    • Derating curves determination
    • Durability for terminals without screws
    • Test with aluminium conductors
  • Response values / tripping behaviour
    • Thermal magnetic and electronic release (e.g. contactors and relays)
    • Test current AC up to 1000 A regulated
    • PLC-controlled test sequences, 3 phases separate adjustable
    • Integratable change of the ambient temperature  (-40...80 °C) in the sequence control
  • Contact safety as well switching time - / Bounce time measurement
    • Phase angle controlled operation timing
    • Test parameters available on request
  • Insulation
    • AC voltage up to 6 kV
    • Impulse voltage (1,2 µs/ 50 µs) up to 10 kV
    • Protection against accidental contact
    • Clearance and creepage distance
      measuring / testing / designing

Switching capacity system

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