E K L Schaltelektronik Dresden GmbH

Test Dummy
Fast - Flexible - Favourable

Dummy fuse-links and replica

Production, inspection and reconditioning of dummy fuse links for temperature-rise tests for the following fuse systems:

  • NH-system [IEC 60269, VDE 0636]
  • C-class
  • D (Diazed) / D0 (Neozed) / NF / NF / BS [IEC 60269, VDE 0636]
  • G-system [IEC 60127, VDE 0820]
  • Automotive types [ISO 8820]

Power output according to standard or customer specifications. Further types on request.


We supply you with common specimens, such as indenters or impactors for material tests and customer-specific test equipment.