E K L Schaltelektronik Dresden GmbH


EKL sees itself as a partner for innovation with highly competence in providing solutions , and has successfully used its capabilities and far-reaching knowledge of the industry for the benefit of large or medium-sized companies in Germany and throughout Europe. Up to now, more than 300 development projects and 800 testing projects have been executed.

The large number of new and further developments reflect our capability and competitiveness, and guarantee that we will continue to master the requirements made on us. Numerous industrial property rights testify to our creativity and solution expertise.

The non-disclosure and confidentiality of all customer data is of top priority to us. In this respect, we will be able to accommodate requests for references to a limited extent only. The broad range of developments of EKL in our more than 25 years of presence in the market may be seen as proof of the reliability and quality of our services.

Predominantly, EKL has experience and can offer references in the research, development, design and testing of the following items:

  • Electromagnetic contactors or relays
  • Thermal or electronic overload relays and releases, transformer relays
  • Motor protection switch, starters or controls
  • Circuit breakers, switches-disconnectors, switch-disconnector-fuse
  • Installation equipment, circuit breakers and accessories,
  • Undervoltage releases, shunt releases or short-circuit releases,
  • Control circuit devices, microswitches, control switches, safety switches,
  • Special-purpose switchgear such as for railway applications or high shock loads,
  • Switchgear for photovoltaic applications,
  • Solenoids with and without electronic controls
  • Electromotive actuators, remote drives for switchgear,
  • Terminals, terminal blocks and couplers,
  • Testing equipment, calibration equipment, and measuring instruments for switchgear.

Low-Voltage-Technology and Automotive High-Voltage-Technology up to 1 000 V AC / 1 500 V DC
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